Eco-Cycle is a mobile application built to reduce plastic consumption, enhance plastic recycling practices, and increase plastic waste awareness.

Cap Stone Project

Industry: Sustainability, Environmental

Role: Product Designer


Eco-Cycle started with the purpose of developing a social platform for non-biodegradable conversations, primarily focused on plastic waste, to provide access to education on how plastic waste impacts our environment—building a community of climate change enthusiasts.

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The pandemic sparked a demand for plastic. As a result, the rush for plastic container products surged across the continents.


Eco cycle


In the last sixty years, the rate of plastic production has grown faster than that of any other material. At one point, a cultural shift moved away from durable plastic production to single-use plastic production. Moreover, more than 99% of plastics are made from oil, natural gas, and coal chemicals. These dirty, non-renewable resources contribute to pollution and climate change. If current trends continue, by 2050, the plastic industry could account for 20% of the world’s total oil consumption.


Eco-Cycle identifies an opportunity to improve the plastic collection process by placing the user at the center of the exchange.

Design Process



COVID-19 hit plastics recycling as big oil firms invest hundreds of billions of dollars to make new plastics. While these investments mitigate the spread of the disease, these investments massively exceed the industry spending to tackle plastic waste. By 2050, the plastics industry could account for 20% of all oil consumption, according to the U.N. Environment Programme.



The solution includes the process of scanning plastic cans. The design of this experience was informed by UX research insights regarding user motivations and interactions while using the product. Data suggested keeping the scanning feature at the system's center for a responsive user experience when scanning plastic cans. This will make the collection process stable and answerable—rewards for every successful disposal help to keep users motivated for more waste disposal.


The current recycling process is complex. Unfortunately, most users don’t get the rewards that come with recycling. With Eco cycle, users will get the bonus in a digital wallet while staying accountable for any plastic they consume. This reduces the amount of waste that goes into landfills. When designing the experience, Feedback from interviews proposed making the recycling schedule and pick-up an easy and intentional gesture that reduces the possibility of error while making it fun to use.


The rationale behind staying green is to inspire, educate, and suggest Eco-friendly products to users. This approach gradually influences behavioral choices before making a purchase.

Leveraging Technology



Collectively, we cannot wait for the authorities to implement large-scale programs to contribute to the conservation of the environment. When it comes to saving the planet, every act counts. This unique project taught me the importance of the waste management industry and its pitfalls. Empathy research and users' perceptions introduced new creative solutions to help support the current recycling process in the battle against plastic pollution.

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