Clear Reception: an interactive virtual tour experience that allows users to explore the Marylin K, Glick Center for Glass and learn about the art and science of glassblowing.

Client: David Letterman

My Role: Interaction Designer

Services: Virtual reality (VR), Multimedia Design


David Letterman approached Ball State with an opportunity for collaboration. Using his cell phone as inspiration, he sought to create a piece of glass art and document the entire process.


Glick Center, The institution's glass art program, is one of the county’s few glass art studios and programs and where this documentary will take place.  

Although the Glick Center for Glass building is only physically open to visitors at limited times, the building’s limited availability hinders the promotion of the glass art program and the ability to share the types of work done at the studio.

The Virtual Tour aims to provide an interactive virtual experience that allows a broader audience of visitors to explore the Glick Center and learn about the art of glassblowing.

Glick Center

The Virtual Tour will provide access to a broader audience about this Ball State hidden gem, artwork from glass art alums and feature artwork, and the unique art of glassblowing.

The tour will promote the Glick Center and the incredible work students do there.


In addition to the virtual tour, I also designed a poster banner to promote the documentary. 

David letterman


Developing this Virtual Tour was one of the most influential projects I worked on, from planning the paths that will be covered to shooting the footage using the GoPro MAX, retouching and color grading the panoramas, to designing the tour itself. I learned a lot through this journey and created an output I'm proud of. In the future, the goal will be to scale up the project and build a complete ecosystem of all things regarding glass blowing, from the materials needed to blow glass to the final result of glass art. This project has vast potential once its goals align with phase III of the Clear Reception project. 

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